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August 23 2015


Creative Marketing Photo Booth Singapore Rental

Trying to find "keyword"? We think we are the right partner for your needs. To build a sustainable business, we need customers who trust us and choose to partner with us in the long run. We say "NO" to short-term business (where clients are compromised) and instead seek and aim to establish a durable relationship based on transparency and trust. While you continue reading, we promise you while being profit driven, we'll do our upmost to be fair and responsibile in our dealings photo booth with you. Our dedication to this values have earned us recurring customers.

Having organised events before, we completely understand the demands of event organisers. Quite often, other than ensuring the event turns out to be a roaring success, you as an event organiser may also be given the job of marketing responsibilities for example to increase your brand’s exposure, to raise awareness of your brand etc. We understand the necessity such marketing responsibilities and we would like to enable you (event organisers) to achieve your marketing objectives. Hence, other than providing event photography service such as Live Instagram Printing, Instagram Live Feed, Photo Booth, and Roving Photography, we have come also come up with various marketing tools which can address the marketing needs of your event. In comparison with other event photography agencies, here at Instantly.sg, the procedure for a guest to get their photo printed is a bit different. You may expect two type of printing modes. The first mode is what we call Automatic. Meaning, any photos that comes to our system, we will get it printed automatically. This can be Instagram photos from our Live Instagram Printing photobooth service, photos taken from our DSLR via our Photo Booth service or photos taken via our professional photographer from our Roving Photography service. Guests do not need to come to our printing portal (see below) to select the photos they wish to print. As soon as we detect any photos that come in, we will get them printed out automatically and pass to your guests.All in all, we usually recommend the selection printing mode for all our instant print services. Reason being, apart from being able to incorporate marketing elements via this mode, only in Selection mode can your guests get a soft copy of their photos emailed to them. Currently, we have three available marketing tools, leads Generation;facebook sharing;customised emails.In conclusion, we'd like to clarify that this selection of marketing tools is not exhaustive. Our marketing tools are demand driven and the possibilities is limitless. We've got the photo booth technical capabilities photobooth singapore to customise marketing tools for you in line with your expectations. So feel free to reach out to us if you have intentions to integrate marketing tools with any of our event photography services.

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